How is 5i Different?

5i Focuses on the “5i System” while working with clients.

The first two weeks focuses on the three “i’s”


  • INVESTIGATE/INTERVIEW: 5i will review the process(es) in detail. In addition, 5i will meet with both management and those directly involved in the process(es). The focus is on open dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

  • IDENTIFY: Based on the detailed process review and interview process. 5i will determine areas for improvement.

  • INFORM: 5i will create a detailed report explaining all findings and recommendations for solutions to improve the process(es), tailored to the client’s needs.

    Following the initial two-week period, 5i will work with the client on the fourth and most important “I”:

  • IMPLEMENTATION: 5i will work closely with the client on the IMPLEMENTATION of recommended improvement items, along with testing and follow-up, to ensure positive results. 5i will provide a summary of the IMPLEMENTATION activity and initial results.

  • IMPACT: Upon completion of the Implementation phase, 5i will provide further support in the final step…gaging the IMPACT of the improvement activities. Providing the proper measuring tools and training on their use.

    Follow-up at agreed upon intervals, to ensure that both solutions and measuring tools remain in place and effective.

    5i offers all this with a keen focus on efficient completion and effective results, to maximize the value to the client.